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We offer safe FDA approved weight loss solutions, testosterone replacement therapy and IV infusion therapy to help you look and feel your best!

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Millions of men every day suffer from the effects of hormone deficiency & low levels of testosterone. Weight gain, low libido, low energy, hair loss and depression are often misdiagnosed as the effects of aging. 

Take our quick quiz to determine your likelihood of having low testosterone levels, or a hormone imbalance.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced Providers

  • Short Wait Times

  • Confidential with Quality Service

Our Healthcare Services:

  • Testosterone Replacement.
  • Weight Loss consultation (which could include dispensing Phentermine from the office, or a written RX for Saxenda or other weight loss medications).
  • B12 injections, Vitamin C and B-complex injections, Immunity Boost injections, Lipo injections, GAC for muscle recovery, IV re-hydration (plus other IV drip formulas).
  • Sinus infection evaluation (which may include a sinus cocktail injection or RX antibiotic such as a zpack or amoxicillin).
  • Erectile dysfunction medications (for those men with those concerns, which include Viagra {Sildenafil} or Cialis {Tadalafil} both in tablets or troches and dispensed from the office).

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