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Does Your Insurance Cover Testosterone Therapy? 

Will My Insurance Cover Testosterone Therapy?


Insurance can be tricky. Finding out what insurance covers can be a headache in itself. It doesn’t need to be with testosterone therapy at NexGen Health and Wellness. Most insurance carriers are now covering testosterone replacement therapy and we can help you find out. All it takes is a blood sample to determine your testosterone level. Depending on that level, your testosterone therapy can be covered by insurance.  However, with some insurances, they might require two separate lab tests to be completed on different days, before coverage can be determined. 


A simple blood test, best taken in the morning due to changing testosterone levels throughout the day, can determine the hormone level in your system.   A normal testosterone level for a man ranges between 300-1,000 ng/dL. Any level under that minimum of 350ng/dL is usually covered by most insurance carriers.  


Don’t wait to find out if you are covered. Come in or schedule an appointment with NexGen Health and Wellness so we may help you discover your testosterone level and determine if your insurance will cover your testosterone therapy if deemed too low. As always, walk-ins are welcome