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The Super Immunity Boost Injection

Super Immunity Boost

Your immune system is one of the most important components of your body. Your immune system is what protects you against illness and infection. Your immune system kills bacteria, germs, and viruses by making proteins called antibodies. Once your immune system has created an antibody for a particular infection or disease, you are more likely to feel better and fight off any infection.  

However, your immune system can weaken over time for various reasons. For example, a child who catches measles is likely never to have it again because their body has built up a strong immunity to it. Yet the common cold, allergies or the flu can often return, even if you have already had them, and your body created antibodies. Unfortunately, the antibodies created when you were sick with those infections have a shelf life, and your body does not produce more until you are sick again.  

Improving Immunity 

Feeling sick is miserable. We’ve all been there and know how it feels. You aren’t yourself when you’re sick. It is nearly impossible to get anything done, and the only place you want to be and frankly should be is in bed. The best way to prevent getting any illness, such as spring allergies, the common cold, sinus infections, or the full-blown flu, is by improving your immunity. 

The best way to improve your immunity is through proper nutrition and adding immune-boosting vitamins like Vitamins B and C, zinc, copper, and iron into your regimen. In addition to vitamins, if you are interested in optimizing the way your immune system functions and responds to threats, it is essential that you understand the connection amino acids have with your immune system. 

The building blocks of proteins are made up of amino acids. Your immune system is made up of a group of proteins and cells in the blood that are a critical defense against infection. Your body requires an abundant supply of amino acids to produce these specialized cells. Very few people in the United States are actually protein malnourished. Yet, many people are not ingesting enough high-quality proteins to obtain the amount of essential amino acids needed for optimal nutrition. At NexGen Health and Wellness, our Super Immunity Boost Injection will give you the necessary vitamins and amino acids to achieve optimal immunity. 

Super Immunity Boost Injection at NexGen Health & Wellness 

Our Super Immunity Boost Injection at NexGen Health and Wellness is the perfect tool to increase immunity and prevent illness. Our Super Immunity Boost Injection at NexGen is made up of amino acids to help fight unwanted germs and bacteria, and it’s also packed with the vitamins you need to stay well and heal if you are already sick. So, if you can’t afford to get sick, like so many of us, it only takes a few minutes to stop by NexGen Health and Wellness to receive your Super Immunity Boost Injection before it’s too late! We are a walk-in clinic, so we can quickly administer your injection and have you on your way in no time!