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IV Therapy at NexGen Health and Wellness

 Most Memphians would agree that the summer heat is uncomfortable. You are more prone to dehydration because your body is losing water from sweating, so you consistently feel thirsty, tired, or dizzy when feeling hot. IV therapy from NexGen can help replenish the electrolytes and water you lose in mere minutes. However, IV therapy isn’t just for dehydration. There are many other benefits of IV therapy, and you can receive the therapy all year long, not just during the summer. Here is a list of some of the additional benefits of IV therapy. 

  1. It helps maintain a healthy weight – Sometimes, it feels like you will never manage to stay at a healthy weight no matter how often you exercise and eat right. IV supplements can aid in boosting your weight loss journey by converting fat into energy on a cellular level. The supplements work with your mitochondria to increase your metabolism and break down fat. 
  1. An effective method for getting immune-boosting antioxidants – Antioxidants like vitamin C are substances that protect your body from free radicals that could cause stress, heart disease, and a host of other conditions. Supplying your body with vitamin C or even zinc through an IV drip helps protect the body by strengthening the immune system and allowing it to fight infection. 
  1. It is the fastest method for getting essential nutrients in your body – When you take your supplement orally, the nutrients must enter the digestive tract and be processed for absorption before entering the bloodstream. When the supplement is delivered intravenously, it is immediately available to your body. 
  1. Supplies your body with natural energy – Instead of reaching for a caffeinated, sugary drink, give your body a healthy alternative by providing it with vitamin B and amino acids. These are building blocks of protein in the body and the essential nutrients your body needs to survive. Additionally, IV therapy can help curb cravings for unhealthy foods and beverages. 
  1. Lessens the signs of aging – Many IV therapies have supplements that provide anti-aging effects, including: 
  • Detoxing the liver 
  • Boosting immune system 
  • Assisting in metabolism 
  • Repairing damaged cells 
  • Help manage autoimmune disease 
  • Protect against free radicals 

IV Therapy Near Me 

NexGen Health and Wellness has been voted Bartlett’s #1 medical clinic for years. We work hard to provide you with a wide assortment of ways to make you the healthiest version of yourself, including IV therapy. Also, if you do not have time for complete IV Therapy, we offer the innovative Bio-Lyte drinks 3 for only $12. Bio-Lyte drinks help replenish the body with electrolytes and more when feeling dehydrated.  These amazing drinks were developed by an anesthesiologist so they have the correct number of vitamins and minerals that your body requires for re-hydration.  Who is better to design a product than an anesthesiologist since they are the ones that put you to sleep and know exactly the right combinations of electrolytes to give a patient.  Stop in for yourself to see the many options we offer to keep you healthy at 7424 US-64 W Unit 118 Bartlett. Walk-ins welcome!  

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