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Benefits of B12 Injections from NexGen Health & Wellness

Everyone could use more energy and our bodies require certain vitamins and minerals to function at an optimum level. A lack of deficiency in any one of these vitamins can cause illness and serious health issues. A recent article from explains that we get the majority of the daily intake of vitamin B-12 from meat in our diet. However, if you do not eat meat, this may cause deficiency and lead to low energy and several other issues. The quickest and easiest way to get your B-12 levels back to the proper level is to get on a therapeutic B-12 injection schedule. NexGen Health and Wellness in Bartlett, Tennessee offers B-12 injections to help you feel your best.  

Do You Need B-12 Injections? 

  • After a full night’s sleep, are you still exhausted? 
  • Do you struggle to lose weight? 
  • Are you getting sick more often than usual? 
  • Are you experiencing abnormal hair loss?  

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may have a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. NexGen Health and Wellness can evaluate your symptoms and recommend a therapeutic Vitamin B-12 injection schedule of high potency B-12 to get your level back to normal.  

Benefits of Vitamin B-12 Injection Therapy 

  • B-12 is essential for the production of red blood cells. The role of red blood cells in the body is to transport oxygen to all of the cells. If your body lacks the crucial B-12 to make red blood cells, it will cause you to experience a lack of concentration and energy. Getting Vitamin B-12 injections at NexGen Health and Wellness on a recommended schedule for you will allow you to start seeing increased energy and improved concentration.  
  • White blood cells are essential in fighting off infection. B-12 deficiency leads to a lack of white blood cell production, leaving you more vulnerable to infections and illness. Getting your Vitamin B-12 back to normal levels will allow for the proper production of white blood cells and allow your body to fight off illnesses more efficiently. 
  • Anemia is also caused by low levels of B-12 in the body. This causes the inefficient conversion of fats and proteins into energy. This leads to an inability to lose weight. Getting the proper levels of B-12 in your body can improve your metabolic rate, with the addition of a healthy diet and exercise allows your body to lose weight effectively.  
  • Our body makes tryptophan. It is a natural amino acid found in our bodies that helps with sleep. Proper vitamin B-12 levels in the body contribute to the making of tryptophan which helps us sleep.  
  • Hair loss is common with a B-12 deficiency. Because of a lack of a proper metabolic rate, it causes hair to stop growing. Regular B-12 injections can get your metabolism back on track and lead to regular hair growth once again.  

NexGen Health and Wellness offers Vitamin B-12 shots without an appointment for your convenience. The professionals at NexGen can recommend a B-12 injection therapy schedule to get to your levels elevated to where they need to be so you can feel your best. Stop today and get your vitamin B-12 shot.