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Rehydrate With An IV Vitamin Drip After Illness

NexGen Health and Wellness

Even after all of your symptoms have gone from illness, you may not feel like you’re on top of the world. Afflictions such as illnesses and hangovers can leave you feeling dehydrated, lethargic, and queasy. Going to the doctor’s office may seem like overkill, and trying to sleep it off may not be enough to quell your aching body. Modern health and wellness innovations have led to the perfect in-between, IV therapy! 

What is IV Therapy and How Does it Work?

You may best know about IV’s and IV therapy from their use in doctor’s offices and hospitals. IV stands for intravenous, meaning that it is administered to your body through your veins. The administered fluid contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and medications to help heal your body as soon as possible. NexGen offers multiple different IV options to get you back to your best self, and ensure that you are getting the fluids you need. Our infusions include help for dehydration, energy, illness recovery, hangover recovery, and more! For all of these different IV therapy options, you will be attached to an IV drip with your preferred package in comfort, and the fluid will quickly revitalize your body through your bloodstream. Although you’ll need to keep still to keep the IV from getting dislodged, you can spend the rest of your time in leisure while your body heals. 

What are the Benefits?

One of the primary benefits of IV therapy is the speed. As the fluid is absorbed through the bloodstream, you’ll see the benefits of your treatment much faster than absorbing nutrients from consuming a food or drink. Additionally, the procedure is much more convenient than being admitted into a health care facility, and fluids are chosen for your specific needs. IV therapy is not complicated, and the hardest part is the small pinch of inserting the needle. Otherwise, you’ll be in complete comfort while your body rehydrates! Even if you are not recovering from an illness or hangover, IV therapy promotes your overall health and wellness through boosting your immune system, energy levels, and overall hydration. The right infusion of fluids can help ease brain fog, and provide nutrients where you may have deficiencies. Whether you’re an athlete, have chronic health conditions, or just want to recharge, find relief with an IV vitamin drip!

Looking for a quick recovery, or wanting to promote your overall body function? Give NexGen Health & Wellness a call to schedule your IV therapy visit!

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