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Sinus Cocktail Shots at NexGen Health and Wellness

NexGen Health and Wellness

Tis the season for coughs and colds, which means many people are feeling more tired, run down, and just overall miserable. It is hard to blame a person’s bad mood when they develop a cold. Just look at the list of symptoms from the common cold: 

·         Congested nose 

·         Sore throat 

·         Cough 

·         Sneezing 

·         Slight body aches 

·         Low-grade fever 

·         Runny nose 

You are not yourself when you are sick, and it is especially frustrating because symptoms usually last for 7 to 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks). Not to mention, once you get a cold, you could end up with a full-blown sinus infection, which will make you feel even worse. The virus that caused your cold can travel from your nose and throat into your sinuses. When that happens, your lining becomes inflamed and blocks the opening. The mucus gets trapped inside the sinus area and an infection develops causing the sinusitis. 

When you feel lousy your energy is zapped and it is hard to get anything done. To get back to better days, many people rely on sinus cocktail shots. In fact, many people want to get the sinus cocktail shot at the first sign of a sniffle because of its quick relief. 

What is a Sinus Cocktail Shot? 

A sinus cocktail shot is a treatment that reduces the symptoms of the common cold or sinusitis. It will contain an antihistamine. The antihistamine helps to relieve nasal congestion, runny nose, itching and sneezing. Along with an antihistamine the shot will also contain a steroid that works to reduce swelling in the nose and sinus. If you have a sinus infection, there might be a possibility that you will need an antibiotic.    You can also include a B12 shot or IV vitamin infusions to help with energy, immune system health and overall wellbeing.  

Once you have received your sinus cocktail shot you will notice an increase in energy and will feel a relief from congestion in just a few hours. It is also recommended that you get plenty of rest and drink lots of water through your recovery.  

Unfortunately, colds are hard to prevent. Children average between four and six colds a winter, while adults might get two or three. Some are worse than others. Be sure to wash your hands often during the cold season, as this is the best way to prevent colds.  

If you are looking for where to get sinus cocktail shots, look no further than NexGen. At NexGen Health and Wellness, we understand the last thing you want to do is wait at a doctor’s office when you have a sinus infection or cold. We offer walk-in appointments for the sinus cocktail shot and IV treatments (it is preferred that you call to schedule the IV treatments).  Just call us at (901) 244-6631 and we can schedule one for you.