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Finding the Best Weight Loss Options for You at NexGen Health & Wellness

Did you accidentally overindulge over Thanksgiving and now find it challenging to fit into your favorite pair of jeans? We all know that juggling weight can be so frustrating. Being overweight is not only frustrating but also dangerous. Do you know that losing even 5% to 10% of your body weight can improve your physical and mental health? Here are some proven health benefits of weight loss: 

  • Improved heart health 
  • Better sleep 
  • Regulated blood sugar 
  • Decreased risk of stroke 
  • Decreased joint pain 
  • Better mobility 
  • Higher self-esteem 
  • Better libido 
  • Boosted energy 
  • Reduced risk of certain cancers 

At NexGen Health and Wellness, our mission is your health. We offer several safe FDA-approved weight loss solutions to help you look and feel your best. We offer all this in a medically supervised program where a medical professional helps you decide which treatment will work best for you. Here are some of the weight loss solutions we offer. 

  • Phentermine Tablet– According to The Mayo Clinic, this popular weight loss medication has been determined to successfully help weight loss by suppressing your appetite or by making you feel fuller longer. Like most medications, it works best with a healthy lifestyle, including a proper diet with exercise. 
  • Semaglutide (We-Govy) – Initially used in diabetes treatment, it has now been approved as a weight loss solution. When used with diet and exercise, it enhances glycemic control. The medication mimics the function of human glucagon-like peptide 1 to stimulate insulin secretion, in turn promoting sugar metabolism. 
  • Lipo B.C. Tablet – Lipotropic means “fat-loving” and the term is used to refer to substances that can help the liver metabolize fats and remove them from the blood stream.  Lipo BC is a formula of lipotropics and B-complex that facilitate the prevention of accumulation of fats in the liver all while boosting the body’s metabolism.  
  • Saxenda – Another medication that is a glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist is Saxenda. It works by increasing feelings of being full and decreasing hunger in the brain, which can lead eating fewer calories 
  • LipoVite Injection – This injection contains a multitude of vitamins and amino acids that work together to aid in the breakdown of fats, thus preventing any build-up of fat in the arteries. It also assists the digestive system by detoxifying the liver. The LipoVite injection is a more concentrated version of the LipoBC tablets. 

We offer this and much more, including Pro-Trim Plus and Bio-Citrin. 

This December from the 26th through the 30th, our Christmas gift to you is the Weight Loss Bundle.  We want to help you kick off the new year on the right foot. For only $70, you will receive a 30-day supply of Phentermine, three Biolyte drinks, (which help if you accidentally have too much holiday cheer). The drinks contain nutrients and electrolytes to get you back on your feet fast.  And lastly, your choice of a B-12 or Single Lipo injection. The original value of this package is $110, which is a savings of $40. As our motto says, “Your health is our mission.” 

We accept walk-ins, or you can call and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you on your weight loss journey. 

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