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Man sneezing due to allergies.

Sinus Cocktail Shot and Immunity Boosters for Spring Allergies

Spring is upon us, and for many of us, that means allergies! Allergies can cause various annoying symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy eyes, and congestion. They also seem to last forever, with most cases lasting between seven to ten days. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the symptoms associated with allergies. Many opt for an immunity booster or a sinus cocktail for allergy relief. This blog post will share the benefits of a sinus cocktail and other immunity boosters for spring allergens.  

What Causes Allergies? 

Allergies occur when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance. This explains why allergies are so prevalent in spring. During spring, there is an influx of pollen and dander in the air, and as a result, your immune system produces antibodies. If you have allergies, your immune system identifies a particular allergen as harmful. Thus, when you come into contact with the allergen, your immune system kicks into high gear, and the reaction leads to inflammation in your sinuses, airways, and even your digestive system. If you end up with a full-blown cold, it could become a sinus infection, making you feel even worse. In addition, when you develop a cold from your allergies, the mucus could get trapped inside your sinus area, creating sinusitis. Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergies. However, there is relief in the form of our sinus cocktails and immunity boosters! We can help prevent allergies, and antibiotics can help with a possible infection. 

What is a Sinus Cocktail?  

At NexGen Health & Wellness, we administer the sinus cocktail as an injection. The sinus cocktail combines two different steroids to reduce swelling in the nose and sinuses. Optionally, a patient can include a B12 shot or an antihistamine (Benadryl) to the sinus cocktail injection.  Another way to protect yourself from allergies and sinus infections is to get our immune boost IV infusion to help with your immune system health and increase your energy.  

What Type of Immunity Boosters Can I Receive at NexGen Health & Wellness?  

Every cell in your body needs a combination of nutrients to perform at optimal levels. Before you get sick and even if you aren’t feeling quite yourself, our immunity boosters will help prevent sickness and increase your overall well-being.  We offer several different selections of vitamin boosters, including our specially blended immune boost injection (with B vitamins, Zinc, Glutathione, and Vitamin C), IV nutrient infusion therapies, hydration therapy, and high potency B12 shots.  Our medical professionals can help you determine the best immunity booster for improved health.  

Allergy Relief Near Me 

At NexGen Health and Wellness, we understand that when you aren’t feeling your best, the last thing you want to do is wait in a doctor’s office. So, for the convenience of our customers, we offer walk-in appointments. If you would like to include an IV treatment, we do ask that you please call ahead to schedule an appointment at (901) 244-6631. This way, we can have everything set up for you when you arrive for your appointment. For walk-in visits, our address is 7424 US 64 Hwy 64 Suite 118, Bartlett, Tennessee. At NexGen Health & Wellness, your health is our mission. We are far more than just a weight loss clinic. When you come in for your sinus cocktail or immunity booster, we hope you will take the time to review all our services to keep you looking and feeling your best.