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IV infusion therapy

Feeling Sluggish? NexGen Can Help!

May is one of the best months of the year for Memphians. There’s so much happening, notably the annual Memphis in May International Festival. This event ensures there is something fun to do practically every weekend in May. With so much going on, relaxing with IV therapy may be for you!

May 17th-20th is the World Championship Barbeque Contest and May 27th is the Great American River Run. If you decide to go out and celebrate, but accidentally overindulge during the festivities, you’ll inevitably feel awful the next day. What if there was a way you could get out of your rut, improve your motivation, always put your best and most glowing face forward at every event, shake off any tenacious hangovers, and even give your immune system a boost after so many up-close and personal events? This may sound like a fantasy, yet it’s actually attainable!  

All you need is the same technology medical professionals and hospitals have used for decades to restore hydration quickly while directly providing minerals and vitamins into your bloodstream. Yep, we’re talking about an IV infusion.  

IV Infusion Therapy at NexGen Health & Wellness 

At NexGen Health and Wellness, our infusion treatments allow the IV mixture to be absorbed directly and quickly into your bloodstream, producing higher levels of vitamins and minerals faster than you can absorb by eating or drinking. Many factors affect your body’s ability to absorb food, minerals, vitamins, and liquids. IV infusion therapy bypasses your digestive system to get the vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream faster, so that you can find relief from your ailments plus improve your health sooner than later. 

We offer an assortment of IV Drip Infusions, each designed to meet your specific needs. They include: 

  • Dehydration Drip 
  • Energy Intensity 
  • Immunity Strength 
  • Recovery Cure for Hangover 
  • Recovery Cure 2.0 (includes 2 bags of IV fluids) 
  • The “Skinny” Drip 
  • Beauty Bag 

You can also purchase these in 3 packages: Basic, Super, and Elite. You can find more details on the ingredients in each drip and the drips included in each package on the IV Infusion Therapy section of our website. 

To honor “Memphis in May” and show our appreciation to our customers, we’re offering a $25 OFF discount on our Recovery Cure IV Infusion Therapy sessions throughout May. As a bonus, we’re also giving away a free bottle of the highly popular Biolyte drink, which also aids in hydration by replenishing electrolytes. We’re grateful to all our loyal customers!  

When you want to feel your absolute best, NexGen & Wellness is here to help. Your health is our mission. We accept walk-in appointments at our clinic located at 7424 US-64 Suite 118, Bartlett, Tennessee. However, for an infusion appointment, we do ask that you call ahead at (901) 244-6631, so we can have everything prepared for your infusion drip therapy. 

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