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5 Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays

The holidays, while full of festivity and cheer, are also full of decadent desserts and delicious high-calorie food.  Even Halloween has temptations of candy and high-calorie beverages at a party. You may think it’s an impossible feat to maintain a healthy diet over the holidays, but with these tips, we’ll help you stay on track. The main thing to remember is your reason for getting healthy and staying healthy. Perhaps you are simply dying to fit into your favorite jeans again or you want to feel better overall, try to remember why you started your health journey throughout the entire holiday season. 

  1. Do your best not to be too sedentary over the holidays. Nothing is better than the nap that inevitably comes after eating your Thanksgiving meal. Go ahead and have your slumber, then get up and go for a family walk. It is a good idea to add additional workouts to your holiday schedule. If you can’t get to the gym, remember that some exercise is better than no exercise. This will help you feel more balanced if you slip and overindulge. 
  1. Practice portion control. Everything on the table might look mouthwatering and you can treat yourself, but try to restrain yourself from piling up your plate. You could even opt for a smaller plate.  
  1. Weigh yourself regularly during the holidays. If you weigh yourself a few times a week during the holidays, it will keep the added weight from sneaking up on you. Remember, it is best to weigh yourself in the morning shortly after emptying your bladder. If the scale shows a number you do not like, that is your signal to reduce snacking and rev up your physical activity. 
  1. Eat slowly, savoring every bite. Enjoy your meal! Take your time and consciously eat slower than you usually do. Not only will you enjoy your meal more, but you will also give your brain time to receive a signal that you are full. 
  1. Maintain appointments with weight loss professionals, such as NexGen Health & Wellness. 

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