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Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Weight Loss

NexGen Health and Wellness, Bartlett TN 

Losing weight is hard to do. Keeping it off is even harder. You can fall back into old unhealthy eating habits and before you know it, you have sabotaged your diet. Whether you are running out the door without a breakfast, or mindlessly snacking on chips while watching TV it can make a significant difference in your weight loss. Do not let these bad eating habits edge back into your routine and sabotage your diet. 

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Drinking Your Calories 

Once you decided to make healthier choices, skipping sweetened drinks was an easy decision, yet sometimes cravings come back. Do your best to stay the course! Studies show we do not feel full when we drink calories compared to when we eat them. Therefore, we end up adding those calories to our day instead of using them to replace calories that we eat. If you are getting tired of plain water, try other non-calorie options. Add some mint and berries or join the sparkling water revolution.  

Not Eating at Home 

You made sure to pack a low-calorie lunch to work and skip the drive through on the way home when you started your diet. Yet, when time gets tight, it is easy to fall back into the old routine and grab something fast. But, when just a once-a-week splurge becomes routine, it is time to take a step back. Instead take healthier shortcuts. Cook a larger dinner so you can have leftovers at work the next day or try a meal of finger foods that do not need much prep such as yogurt, fresh fruit, crackers, and veggie with hummus. 

Mindless Eating 

Do you crave snack food during long car rides, or you get the munchies when watching TV? Brian Wansink, a leading researcher in mindless eating and dieting, described watching TV as a “triple threat” because people who watch a lot of TV tend to eat more, exercise less and weigh more. One of his studies showed that people who watch 60 minutes of TV eat 28% more than others that watched 30 minutes. Grab a book or a magazine or go on a walk, your shows will be waiting for you. 

All or Nothing Mindset 

Finding balance is the best way to succeed with weight loss. Just because you had an unplanned piece of cake at the office does not mean you get a free pass for the rest of the day. Do not decide that since you had the cake it is going to be a “cheat day” automatically. It is ok to splurge occasionally if you get right back on the course, so that you can reach the goal you set for yourself. 

Skipping Breakfast 

Experts say people who eat breakfast are much less likely to overeat the rest of the day. Without proper nutrition in the morning your body goes into survival mode, this will cause your metabolism to slow. Also, when your body lacks the nutrients, it needs you begin to crave sugary, fatty foods. If you must eat on the go, set up a nutritious breakfast the night before in Tupperware. Remember, coffee is not breakfast! Boiled eggs or avocado toast are effective ways to fill up without feeling bloated or sleepy after.  

Old habits die hard and that is true for bad eating habits, too. It is important to step back every so often to see if your old ways are sneaking back into your life. Remember, healthy eating is about making nutritious choices most of the time, but not necessarily all the time. So, feel free to eat the birthday cake at the office, then make a nutritious dinner when you get home.  

At NexGen Health and Wellness our mission is to help you become the healthiest version of yourself. We understand that dieting is not always easy, so we are here to help you on your weight loss journey. We offer supplements, weight loss aids like Phentermine, Wegovy, and Saxenda, as well as lipo shots and B12 shots for energy. We are the premiere weight loss clinic in Bartlett Tn. Contact us at (901) 244-6631 or quickly visit and our professionals will get you set up on a weight loss program that will work best for you.  

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