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Zero Gravity Massage Chair

 Relax and Reduce Stress During Your Next IV Drip Therapy 

NexGen Health and Wellness

It is a tense time in America, and when you feel anxious or stressed, your body will start to behave in an unhealthy manner, even causing you to become ill. Getting a massage for some people is considered a luxury that is usually only for special occasions. This could not be farther from the truth. Receiving a massage is fundamental for maintaining your physical and mental health. At NexGen Health and Wellness, we aim to see you healthy and rejuvenated when you leave our clinic. That is why we now offer zero-gravity massage chair services during your treatments or as stand-alone treatment. 

Massage chairs are an easy and quick way to wind down and enjoy a massage. Zero Gravity Massage chairs have changed quite a bit over the years. The top-quality massage chairs come with various advanced features, including foot rollers, airbags, multiple massage techniques and zero gravity positioning. The zero-gravity positioning feature is one of the most helpful massage chair features.  

What is zero-gravity positioning? 

The zero-gravity is inspired by NASA. The position imitates the function of astronauts when they launch into space. Their engineers carefully designed this position used by NASA to distribute weight evenly across the body. During liftoff, astronauts’ bodies are put through intense pressure as they leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Sitting in a reclined position helps their bodies endure the force of zero-gravity and minimize pain. 

The reclined position eases you into a position where your thighs are relative to your back. This helps to maximize comfort and minimize pressure. If you want complete healing, you can go back even further with your legs elevated above your heart. In this position, your blood flow increases, creating better circulation. 

The benefits of zero-gravity massage? 

Zero-gravity massage offers several health benefits. They include:  

  • Reduces back pain: Because you have taken the weight and pressure off areas that rarely see relief by being in the zero-gravity position, the tension in your back will diminish. 
  • Increases circulation: raising your legs above your heart increases blood flow, thus strengthening your heart and other organs. It also helps to improve the condition of your skin as blood circulation helps with cell renewal.  
  • Reduces Swelling: The best thing for swelling is elevating the swollen area and adding ice. As stated earlier, the position has elevated your body; therefore, any swelling will begin to decrease. 
  • Helps with breathing problems: The elevation also takes a weight off your lungs and chest muscles, clearing pathways and thus making it easier to breathe. 
  • Maximizes relaxation: The muscles that carry your body weight around all day do not get stretched from just lying gown vertically on a bed. In this position, you can stretch those muscles deeper and longer, relieving enormous pressure. 

At NexGen Health and Wellness we care about your complete well-being. Whether you are feeling sick, need to lose weight or just simply stressed, we can help you. Feel free to just come in as a walk-in appointment at Hwy US-64 or call us (901) 244-6631 to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions. 

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